WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

”Wisdom factory.“

Smart factory serving the brand

DZAT EMAA(ERP production management system +MES manufacturing execution system +AGV intelligent storage system +APR production automation) smart factory integrates digital execution and management with reasonable intelligent manufacturing equipment and AGV robot, and connects with the supply chain. Finally, it forms wisdom based on big data and artificial intelligence model.

GMP clean workshop

Clean workshop is not only the workshop decoration standard, but also a kind of control and operation standard. By crossing the zhe, clean workshop clean job shop, clean the corridor, material static sanitizers between closed and use air conditioning type head smoke ventilation system, independent of dust exhaust gas out of kanban system, paging system, production system such as system as the core, combining human cargo separation control, function of plant control, material flow control, Not only to achieve GMP medical level dust-free workshop, but also to achieve the core operating system.

Integrated laboratory

Crossing the zhe by atomizer all-round comprehensive laboratory experiment equipment and comprehensive research and development of equipment and comprehensive testing system, using 3 d printing devices can not only realize the atomizer confidential in independent research and development and test, also can follow the national standard (GB 41700-2022), the European Union, TPD standards on the basis of many other countries, combined with cross zhe test system, Complete product reliability test quickly.

“OUR Smart Factory.”