WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

”The DZAT service.“

IIDMVM deeply integrates manufacturing services

DZAT can not only provide traditional OEM (processing with incoming materials), ODM (R&D foundry) services, It can also provide more professional and in-depth IIDMVM(Integrated Innovation Design Manufacturing Visual marketing) integrated innovation design and manufacturing to visual marketing services. This service includes key components, core technology innovation, hardware and software integration into the industrial design of the integrated service, will be the most upstream of the atomizer industry chain components to product demand customers closely, and help customers to combine visual and marketing product depth optimization.

  1. o.e.m

    Original Equipment Manufacture

  2. o.D.m

    Original Design Manufacturing

  3. I.I.D.M+VM

    Integration Innovation Design Manufacture +Sales Marketing

NCIC non-holding industrial chain integration

Through NCIC (Non controlling industrial chain), we will participate in the integration of excellent upstream supply chain and downstream sales channels and help the whole upstream and downstream industry chain to give full play to its strengths and capabilities. At present, Duzhete and completed the Middle East canal sales channel construction, smoke oil, lithium battery, program development and other enterprises to participate in the cooperation.

Products provided by DZAT

ENDS The full range of products includes disposable nebulizers, cartridge change nebulizers, and enclosed charging nebulizers

Inhalation medical atomization equipment IMV full range of products non-nicotine atomization equipment, medical atomization equipment

Disposable CBD nebulizer · Rechargeable CBD nebulizer