WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

”The core technology.“

DZAT Technology for technological innovation to follow the user's perspective of demand for micro innovation accumulation,

Not blind technological innovation because we have always believed that the only way to make breakthroughs is to accumulate technology.

Acappella inside
Atomization technology

In 2018, Dodgette released Acappella insid Enclosed electronic atomizer brand.
Using the combination of special coating of atomizing core and special oil storage cotton, Achieve the effect of amplifying the same resistance value of smoke.

One-time CBD preheating technology

We go through the dual air flow channel technology Solved the problem that CBD liquid can not start after it is easy to solidify, And using simple mechanical control, Make a disposable CBD atomizer It can also achieve the effect of preheating.

Multilayer ceramic atomizing core

Through multilayer ceramic technology, Cooperate with preheating and atomization, It can be widely used in oil core separation products and CBD appliances.

Development of atomizing fluid

In 2021, Duzhete set up atomization liquid development laboratory. Secondary extraction through mature essence, Form a unique taste spray, enhance the taste at the same time, Reduce the paste and core of products caused by tobacco oil Consistency of taste and poor sexual intercourse.